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Institutes for Advanced Studies come Together

Institutes for Advanced Studies come Together

The Network of Institutes for Advanced Studies or NetIAS comes together yearly to stimulate dialogue and cooperation between the Institutes.

25 Institutes of Advanced Study across Europe come together virtually for two days to set the agenda for cooperation between people and institutions.

NetIAS was set up in 2004 to create synergy between the Institutes for Advanced Studies, who all share the same founding principle of fostering independent and interdisciplinary research. Within the whole network, more than 500 researchers are hosted every year for upto a full academic year. The full member list can be found on the website of NetIAS 

Last year in 2020, the members of NetIAS set up the Constructive Advanced Thinking programme for early career scholars. This programme is designed to maximise the network potential of twenty-five Institutes spread across Europe. With few guidelines and criteria, the programme welcomes and fosters creativity amongst scholars. In the first call for applications, three projects were selected which can be viewed here

NetIAS also started a Summer term Lecture Series on the theme of ‘Borders’, both real and symbolic, political and social, thereby embracing a broad variety of perspectives and approaches. The summer Lecture series was a weekly online talk or seminar given by a scholar and was open to the public. It showcased the diversity of scholars across the members of NetIAS as well as innovative ideas and research. The 2020 programme is published online, and there will be a second series in the coming year.