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Former Writer-in-Residence Van Reybrouck wins (another) prestigious award

The Academy De Gouden Ganzeveer ('The Golden Quill') praised Van Reybrouck (1971), scientist, writer and former Writer-in-Residence at NIAS (2008), for his versatility and inspiring way of writing.

”The mix of a broad social and political involvement, historical awareness, thorough research and a highly skilled pen made for an impressive series of books, plays, poems and essays”.

Van Reybrouck is best known for his compelling book Congo – A History from 2010. He previously won the Libris History Prize and AKO Literature Prize. He debuted in 2001 with The Plague, a mix of biograph, autobiography and reportage.

He shows himself politically involved by coming to the G1000, a Belgian citizens summit for a better democracy.

The Golden Quill is awarded each year to a person or institution with major significance for the written and printed word in the Netherlands.

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