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ERC Starting Grants for Kristine Krause and Matthew Hoye

Former Fellows receive ERC grant

Erik Bähre, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Leiden University and Fellow 2011/12, and Eveline Crone, Professor of Developmental Psychology at Leiden University and Fellow 2014/15, are both awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant. This five year grant of up to 2 million euro supports researchers with their own independent research team or programme.

Bähre: The morality of life insurance

Erik Bähre researches the morality of life insurances. He examines the considerations people make when they sign up for insurance products, and whether these considerations have been influenced by the credit crisis of 2007. He is also interested in finding out about the impact of commercial insurances  on solidarity within the family, members of associations and the state. Read more on Bähre’s blog.

Crone: Prosocial development in adolescence

Adolescence is often regarded as a period fraught with risk. Young people from 10 to 22 years old are thought to be more prone to substance abuse, delinquency and depression. However, Eveline Crone surmises that adolescence also has a positive effect on social development. She believes, for example, that it is in adolescence that young people learn the skills of cooperation, sharing and helpfulness. She will be researching this hypothesis in the coming period. Read more on Crone’s ERC Consolidator Grant.

ERC Consolidator Grant

The Consolidator Grant is one of the four different subsidies awarded by the European Research Council. The ERC has announced 302 winners of its 2015 Consolidator Grant competition. These excellent mid-career scientists receive grants worth up to €2 million each, that allow them to consolidate their research teams and to develop their innovative ideas.