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Former Fellow Maria Koinova's Article on Diaspora Highlighted

Alumni News

Maria Koinova's article on mobilization among diasporas has been selected for the Editor's Choice collection by the International Political Science Review. Dr. Maria Koinova, currently Reader in International Relations at Warwick University, worked on this article during her NIAS Fellowship in 2012.

IPSR Editor’s Choice Collection: Borders and Margins

Dr. Maria Koinova’s article “Sustained vs. Episodic Mobilization among Conflict-generated Diasporas” International Political Science Review 37(44): 500-516, was selected by the editors of the International Political Science Review journal for their Choice Collection on the topic of “Borders and Margins” in view of the forthcoming World Congress of the International Political Science Association in July 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. They have also opened full access to this article. More information about the Editor’s Choice Collection is available here. According to the editors, the articles in this collection “testify to the interest and political importance of cross-border movements in the contemporary world — and in the political science discipline.”