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Alois Nebel Trailer Screenshot - Jaroslav Rudiš

Film "Alois Nebel" and Q&A with Jaroslav Rudiš

UvA Open Lecture

On the 5th of April, the Slavistics Department of the University of Amsterdam's series "Russia and Eastern Europe" presents the film "Alois Nebel", for which Fellow Jaroslav Rudiš wrote the screenplay. The film is also based on Jaromír Švejdík and Rudiš' graphic novel and of the same name.

"Russia and Eastern Europe" Series

Writer-in-residence Jaroslav Rudiš will present the film”Alois Nebel”  during one lecture of the “Russia and Eastern Europe” series, which are coordinated by prof.dr. Ellen Rutten, professor of Literature and Chair of the Department of Russian & Slavic Studies at the University of Amsterdam. After the film, there will be a Q&A with the author.

The course was set up in collaboration with the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies,  newspaper NRC,  and Danube magazine.