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Fellow Marwan Kraidy Talks about Anti-ISIS Satire

News Snippet

Media scholar Marwan Kraidy discusses anti-ISIS satire in the Arab world, in radio show All Things Considered (NPR). 

Professor Marwan Kraidy studies TV and social media in the Arab world and is currently a fellow at NIAS. In All Things Considered, the news radio program by the U.S.’s National Public Radio, he talks about the slapstick sketches and music videos that poke fun at ISIS in sometimes bizarre ways.


Parody of ISIS on Iraqi TV, one of the videos that Professor Kraidy discusses. “You have this very scary thing called ISIS. And what you do – you create a funny copy of it. And between the original and the copy, you have a gap, right? In a way, this is how parody works.”

You can listen to the full interview here.


About Marwan Kraidy

Marwan M. Kraidy is Professor of Communication at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, and Director of the Project for Advanced Research in Global Communication (PARGC). As a Fellow at NIAS, he studies creative insurgency and explores the ways in which the human body is central to the Arab uprisings. He twitters about his research and #NIASLore.