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Fellow Jacob Thaisen Speaks about Handwritten Texts and Digitalization

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English language scholar Jacob Thaisen will discuss “Two or More Ways of Writing the Same Thing”: The Linguistic Variable in Palaeography at a colloquium on manuscript books and handwritten text from a digital point of view at Leiden University (22 April 2015). 

About the Colloquium

This mini-colloquium, the last one organized by the NWO-sponsored project “Turning Over a New Leaf”, focuses on current research that studies manuscript books and handwritten text from a digital point of view. The lectures present a palette of methods that incorporate software, showcasing how ‘digitally enhanced’ studies may add to our understanding of parchment and handwritten text, both medieval and post-medieval.

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About Jacob Thaisen

Jacob Thaisen is Associate Professor of Literacy Studies in the Department of Cultural Studies and Languages at the University of Stavanger. He has a PhD in mediaeval English, and scribal copying practices have been central to the projects he is or has been involved in: in relation to textual transmission for the Canterbury Tales Project, in relation to sociolinguistic and pragmatic factors for the Middle English Scribal Texts programme, and in relation to cognitive processes for the Cognitive Processes in Copying a Text project [Copycat]. He is currently at NIAS to pursue a project on structured variation in script.