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Fellow Ewa Stańczyk speaks about the Remembrance of World War II in Poland

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Polish Studies scholar, Ewa Stańczyk, will give a talk Remembering Children of World War II in Poland at a symposium ‘Mediated Childhoods in a Global World’ at the University of Amsterdam (12 May 2015).

About the Talk

This brief talk looks at the collective memory of children in contemporary Poland. In particular, it provides an overview of narratives surrounding the young victims and heroes of World War II as they transpire in urban spaces, digital media, educational and school projects, and museum exhibitions. The talk questions the conventional notion of children as unwitting observers of war and explores the shifting cultural perceptions of childhood.

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About Ewa Stańczyk

Ewa Stańczyk is Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies at Trinity College Dublin. Her research focuses on the remembrance of war and genocide, cultural geography and nation building. Currently, she is the EURIAS Junior Fellow at NIAS working on a project devoted to the commemoration of World War II children in contemporary Poland.