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Fellow Eveline Crone in New Scientist

Fellow Eveline Crone (Professor of Neurocognitive Developmental Psychology) speaks to New Scientist magazine on the adolescent brain, women in science, and the "American atmosphere" at NIAS.

On Science and Scientists

Eveline Crone is currently at NIAS as Guest of the Rector. Temporarily freed from the everyday constraints of university life and running a lab, she is writing a text book on developmental psychology. For the Dutch New Scientist Magazine she talks about her fascination for seeing the brain in action, the trouble with current science policy, and the challenges that (women) scientists face.

Read the full interview “Ik hou van dat Amerikaanse” (by Marieke Buijs, in Dutch, pdf)

“I like the American idea that prevails here,” says Eveline Crone, “- the idea of the scientist as a person, with whom you not only share time at work meetings, but whose partners and children you get to know as well.”


About Eveline Crone

Eveline Crone is Professor of Neurocognitive Developmental Psychology at Leiden University, where she leads the Brain and Development laboratory. Her most recent research centers around questions related to the development of cognitive control and decision-making in school-aged children and adolescents. She is the author of the best-selling book “The Adolescent Brain” (in Dutch). Crone is currently at NIAS as Guest of the Rector, working on a deeper understanding of how brain development underlies changes in affective and social development in adolescence.


Eveline Crone presents her research on the adolescent brain on the (Dutch) popular-scientific television programme NTR Academie (September 2014) 

Eveline Crone speaks at the Amsterdam Science Gala  (November 2014)
Eveline Crone criticizes gender bias in the Dutch government’s Vision on Science 2025 (both links in Dutch)