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Dutch culture is everywhere

Dutch culture is everywhere

Become a Meertens-NIAS fellow and give curiosity free rein

Whether it is the Friesian-Dutch red fur or their cheese, dance as a Dutch export product, apartheid, Hansje Brinker, or greenhouses - Dutch culture is everywhere.

Are you a researcher whose work focuses on a facet of Dutch language or culture – then don’t hesitate and apply for the ten-months Meertens-NIAS Fellowship that aims to promote scholarly work in the field of Dutch language or culture in the Netherlands and Dutch language or culture in the world. The Meertens Institute and the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study are convinced that strengthening the internationalization of Dutch language and linguistics contributes to better scholarship. And you are more than welcome to prove them right.

The Meertens-NIAS Fellowship offers international scholars (from home and abroad, and living in the Netherlands) the opportunity to come to Amsterdam and give curiosity free rein. So don’t hold back, but apply. This is a chance to explore new ideas, work on your challenging project and be inspired by the international, interdisciplinary academic community of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). You can read more and apply here.

Research at the Meertens Institute covers several areas such as oral culture, religious culture, material culture, traditions and rituals, (colonial) heritage and memory, body, food and wellbeing, syntactic variation and phonological variation. Nowadays, scientific research is mainly contemporaneously oriented: a connection to contemporary society and current developments is sought. The Meertens Institute has an extensive collection, library, archives and databases built up in the field of Dutch ethnology and variation linguistics.