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DLF Osseweijer Gathers International Experts to Define Game Changers for a Sustainable Planet

From 18 to 22 January 2016, 29 international experts from different disciplines will gather to define key leverage actions to improve sustainable development. The conclusions will form crucial input for climate mitigation action plans resulting from COP21, including to the new funds set up by philanthropists such as Mark Zuckerberg.

“Poverty and climate change are by far the biggest challenges for our society today. They result in conflicts, hunger, health problems and natural disasters, while also effecting the richer nations in its consequences”, says Patricia Osseweijer, professor at TU Delft, manager at BE-Basic and Distinguished Lorentz Fellow of the Royal Academy’s Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, and organiser of the workshop. “Biobased production of energy, fuels and materials has been recognised for its potential to help mitigating these problems, but it is necessary to understand the complexity of the whole system before you can start to develop successful solutions.” As Osseweijer points out, there are many reports and plans on biobased economy. However, while most plans and projects acknowledge the potential of biobased technology, most do not offer solutions on how to deal with difficulties of change, related to vested interests and cultural values in transitions paths. This workshop uniquely brings together top experts on both the technology options as well as value issues, perceptions and social transitions. They will be challenged to take the broader picture into account and consider biodiversity, opportunities for biomass production by poor nations, helping energy and food security and social development, but also on the implementation of biofuels and bioenergy systems in our western societies.

Creating engagement

Osseweijer is hopeful that a more thorough understanding of all these complex issues will lead to valuable input for more successful road maps and business plans. “It will be also important to identify those who are responsible for facilitating and carrying out these plans and to achieve full engagement as a follow up”.

Boat trip and presentations

The first results will be presented to journalists in a public meeting on Wednesday evening, 20 January 2016. During a boat trip including dinner, offered by the Lorentz Center, journalists can speak with the workshop experts and key stakeholders from various Dutch Ministries, the Parliament, academia and NGOs who will also attend the evening event.

Registration for the boat trip

Journalists who wish to attend the evening event, including a dinner and a boat trip, can contact Tara Seeger: seeger@lorentzcenter.nl or (+31) (0)71 527 5588. More information about the workshop program