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Discussion Seminar - The Future of Knowledge Dissemination

Recently we have been witnessing the rise of the Open-Science Movement. In response to the US Research Works Act, academics are taking a stand against the closed journal-publication system that allows publishers to lock publicly funded research behind paywalls. Thousands of scientists have signed a petition not to write, referee or edit any articles published by Reed Elsevier, one of the world’s largest scientific publishers.

The free flow of ideas, the sharing of data, and the free accessibility of research results are ideals most academics would adhere to. But how is it to be achieved? Whose responsibility is it to ensure that publicly funded research is freely accessible? What are the dangers facing us in an Open Access Academia? And which practical problems do we run into? Where do we find the money, the time, the expertise?

On Tuesday, 14 February 2012, NIAS will hold a discussion seminar addressing these issues. After short introductions by Saskia Wouterse and Arjo Klamer, there will be an open debate on the possibilities and problems of future (online) knowledge dissemination. The discussion seminar does not only provide an opportunity to exchange views with your colleagues, but also to share personal experiences and acquire practical knowledge of alternative ways of sharing and publishing your research. 


15.30 Saskia Woutersen-Windhouwer,  Specialist Electronic Publishing & Repository Manager at the University of Amsterdam, will introduce publishing in Open Access, and discuss its possibilities and problems.
15.40 Arjo Klamer, Cultural Economist and NIAS Fellow 2011/12, will talk about values, about communication, about valuation, about the role of publishers and about the economy of attention. He will relate his remarks to a new series of books that he is developing with Amsterdam University Press.
15.50 Discussion, led by Liesbeth Koenen, Linguist and Science Journalist.

Saskia Wouterse, Arjo Klamer and Rik Janssen (Policy Adviser and Contact Person for Open Access and Digital Preservation at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) will be available for questions. They will (try to) answer anything relating to Open Access, Enhanced Publications, Data Storage, licenses, copyright issues, Google Scholar, NARCIS, or how to become  – or stay – a twenty-first century proof scientist.