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Discussion Seminar: "Open Access: Storing and Sharing"

NIAS will discuss storing, sharing and data dilemma’s in an Open Access academia in a discussion seminar on 12 March.


About the Discussion Seminar

Open Access never fails to arouse emotions. On the one hand, Open Access is embraced by universities, granting organisations, and communities of researchers, resulting in the spectacular increase of the number of scientific open access journals and in recent initiatives such as the Open Science for the 21st Century Declaration and the Open-Science Movement.

On the other hand, Open Access has met with fundamental criticism, with questions being raised on the reliability of data, the consequences for researchers at poorer institutions, and, as in one of our previous discussion seminars, the illusion that Open Access appears free, though “nothing is for free”.

On Tuesday, 12 March 2013, NIAS will hold a discussion seminar addressing these issues. The focus will lie on storing and sharing data. After short introductions by Sally Wyatt and Andrea Scharnhorst, there will be an open debate on the possibilities and problems of future (online) knowledge dissemination, which includes a discussion of the following propositions:

1) When authors deposit data in Open Access they accept responsibility for updating and administrating versions
2) Organisations set up to store data are responsible for administrating and reformatting data to ensure it remains accessible to researchers
3) Using Open Access data is risky as there is no way to check quality or whether it is up to date

The seminar provides an opportunity to exchange views with your colleagues as well as to share personal experiences and acquire practical knowledge of alternative ways of storing and sharing your research. 



15.30 : Sally Wyatt: “Open Access: Open for whom – Access to what?”
Sally Wyatt is Professor of ‘digital cultures in development’ at Maastricht University and Programme Leader of the e-Humanities Group (KNAW). Her research focuses on social aspects of digital technologies and she is particularly interested in the internet and social exclusion and the ways in which people incorporate the internet into their practices for finding health information.

15.45    Andrea Scharnhorst: “How to deposit my data the EASY way? Experience and Policy”   
Andrea Scharnhorst is Head of Research at DANS and member of the eHumanities Group (KNAW). Her work focuses on modelling and simulating the emergence of innovations (new modes of behaviour and learning, forms of communication, technologies or scientific ideas) in social systems. She has worked on transfer of concepts and methods at an interface between physics and social sciences and humanities.

16.00       Discussion, led by Aafke Hulk.

17.00       Refreshments and more information on display in the Library. 

Sally Wyatt and Andrea Scharnhorst will be available for questions.


The Discussion Seminar is intended for Fellows, but guests are welcome to attend. Please contact Communication@nias.knaw.nl for registration. The Discussion Seminar will take place in NIAS’ Lecture Room.