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Call for Theme Group Fellowships 22/23 Now Open

NIAS is looking for scholars who would like to compose a theme group in the academic year 2022/23. Would you like to advance knowledge on a particular theme by working together on a daily basis with scholars of different disciplinary backgrounds? Please send in your pre-proposal before 15 January 2021.

Each year, one to three research theme groups come to NIAS to carry out research that requires a longer period of daily cooperation. Theme groups are composed of a maximum of five scholars, and researchers work both individually and as a team on a clearly defined research topic for five consecutive months.

NIAS offers time and space for reflection, discussion, doubt and cooperation in a truly interdisciplinary environment. Participating in NIAS’ community inspires the generation of new approaches and ideas that will bring ground-breaking work to fruition. Fellows can apply for a stipend or a replacement subsidy, commuting travel expenses for daily commute or subsidized accommodation in Amsterdam.

See here for more information on requirements, eligibility, the application process and selection procedure.