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Bridging the Disciplinary Gap for a Sustainable Future

Looking Back

Patricia Osseweijer, Professor of Science Communication at Delft University, has won the seventh Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship. She received the award from the chair of the NIAS-Lorentz Advisory Board, Sijbolt Noorda, at an award ceremony on 26 March 2015. 

Professor Osseweijer held an enthusiastic and persuasive presentation on the need to make the transition from a fossil to a bio-based economy. During the fellowship, starting in September 2015, she plans to bring scientists from (bio)technology  and social sciences together, trying to bridge the existing gap between these disciplines in order to formulate shared, agreed upon solutions for a sustainable future. 



  Osseweijer receives Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship 

About the fellowship and laureates


From left to right: Mieke Schutte (Lorentz Center), Henriette Jensenius (Lorentz Center), Nick den Hollander (NIAS), Sijbolt Noorda (Advisory Board), Patricia Osseweijer DLF 2015/16), Arjen Doelman (Lorentz Center), Paul Emmelkamp (NIAS).