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Book Presentation - Bulgarian Scholars at NIAS

On 3 October, Aafke Hulk visited Bulgaria to hold a Q&A session with Bulgarian scientists. The discussion on the Dutch system of scientific research took place in the Institute of Balkan Studies. Bulgarian NIAS Fellows and representatives of academic and scientific institutions took part in the debate.Later the same day Prof. Hulk joined the presentation of the book “A Place, a Time and an Opportunity for Growth” written by 13 Bulgarian Scholars who studied at NIAS.

The contributions in the book show that right from the early 1990s onwards, the Bulgarian fellows have been actively involved in the academic community at NIAS, to their own profit and that of the other fellows.

The publication represents their lectures held on the Education Day of Holland 2010 and is supported by the Netherlands Embassy in Sofia:
“..when the embassy took up plans for a Holland Week in Sofia in September 2010, I invited the NIAS fellows to take part… they organized a fascinating half-day of lectures about their respective areas of expertise….we decided to bundle the lectures in a book…[this book shows] a visible proof of the fact that the relations between Bulgaria and the Netherlands are in many respects much closer than I generally thought. May those relations become closer yet.” (Karel van Kestern, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Bulgaria, in a foreword of the book).

About the Book:

Katya Stoycheva and Alexandre Kostov (eds.)(2011), A Place, a Time and an Opportynity for Growth – Bulgarian Scholars at NIAS, Sofia: Faber Publishing House.


Bulgarian Scholars, the Ambassador and Aafke Hulk on October 3rd