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Book Café on therapy, the colonial past and a hellish journey

Twice a year, the NIAS reading sanctuary turns into an informal café to allow for discussions on writing, reading and publishing. Fellows and former Fellows come together for three 5-Minute Book Talks, a glass of wine, and time to browse each other’s books.  

With very short presentations by:

•        Tommy Wieringa, former NIAS Writer-in-Residence Fellow, who will discuss his novel These Are the Names, a history of a hellish journey, man’s dark nature and the question of who we are and whether redemption is possible.

•         Arnoud Arntz, former NIAS Fellow and Professor of Clinical Psychology at Maastricht University, who will discuss Schema Therapy in Practice, and explain about this new integrative psychotherapy used in the treatment of personality disorders.

•         Gert Oostindie, current NIAS Fellow and Professor of Caribbean History at Leiden University, who will discuss Postcolonial Netherlands, sixty-five years of forgetting, commemorating, silencing (Open Access), and the Dutch guilt-ridden and inconsistent attempt to ‘do justice’ to the colonial past and citizens with colonial roots. 

All recently received books by our Fellows and former Fellows will be on display at the Library. The NIAS Book Café is open to fellows and former fellows and starts at 16.00.