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Book Café on the Holocaust, De Gaulle and physiology

Twice a year, our reading sanctuary turns into an informal café to allow for discussions on writing, reading and publishing. You are more than welcome to join us for three Book Presentations, a glass of wine, and plenty of time to browse each other’s books.  

With very short (three minute) book presentations by:

Manfred Horstmanshoff, former NIAS Fellow and Professor of History of Ancient Medicine at Leiden University, who will discuss Blood, Sweat and Tears – The Changing Concepts of Physiology from Antiquity into Early Modern Europe, in which he explores the many different ways in which the function of the body and its fluids were understood in pre-modern European thought.
Robert Jan van Pelt, current NIAS Fellow and Professor in Cultural History at the University of Waterloo, who will discuss his edited version of At the Edge of the Abyss – A Concentration Camp Diary, 1943-1944 , one of the most notable accounts of life in a German concentration camp written by the Jewish David Koker during the years of the Holocaust.
Henk Wesseling, former Rector and Fellow at NIAS and Professor Emeritus of Contemporary History at Leiden University, who will discuss De man die nee zei. Charles de Gaulle, 1890-1970, a biography of the “greatest Frenchman of all times”, recently shortlisted for the Libris Geschiedenisprijs. 

All recently received books by our Fellows and former Fellows will be on display at the Library.


About the Book Café

Tuesday 9 October 2012, 16.00 – 17.30
at the NIAS Library, NIAS Campus

The NIAS Book Café is open to current fellows and former fellows.