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Annual NFA Day

Former NIAS Fellows will be revisiting NIAS on the annual NIAS Fellows Association Day on 30 May 2012.

NFA Day 2012 will take place on Wednesday 30 May 2012. The highlight of the day, will be the Uhlenbeck Lecture. NIAS and the NFA (NIAS Fellows Association) Board take great pleasure in announcing that Nancy Stieber, Associate Professor in the Art Department of the University of Massachusetts Boston, and NIAS Fellow 2007/08, will deliver the 30th Uhlenbeck Lecture entitled “Metaphor and Metropolis”. Nancy Stieber is specialised in the History of Urbanism and Housing in the 20th century in the Netherlands.

The full programme of the NFA Day (including the Agenda) can be found here.  

If you are a NFA member, please inform us by email whether we may count on your presence before 21 May, and let us know which events you will attend.


NFA Day 2011. Photo: Dindy van Maanen/NIAS