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Anne-Lot Hoek on Violence in Indonesia in Public Debate

Research News

Anne-Lot Hoek, journalist-in-residence, reports on structural violence during the Indonesian independence struggle in NRC Handelsblad and Buitenhof, and why this intense violence was ignored for so long in the Netherlands.


Read the article “Iedereen wist het, maar niemand kon het zeggen” (Dutch, NRC Handelsblad)
Read the related article “Rengat, 1949” (English, Indonesiainside.org)
Watch the fragment (Dutch, Buitenhof TV)


Anne-Lot Hoek’s Project

Anne-Lot Hoek is trying to understand why violence on Bali during the Indonesian independence struggle was so intense and how that is placed within the tradition of colonial violence and resistance on the island and within the context of the forming of the State of East Indonesia.