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Anne-Lot Hoek in Media on Dutch-Indonesian Colonial History

Research News

Journalist-in-residence, Anne-Lot Hoek, contributes to the public debate about Dutch-Indonesian relationships with a recent newspaper article, in which she emphasizes the need for new perspectives on Dutch and Indonesian colonial histories.

Read the full article “Een onderzoek naar schuld en boete” (NRC, 22 november 2016, in Dutch).
Appearance on “Nieuwsuur“, talking about the Dutch government’s commission of a large research project on the decolonisation of the Dutch-Indies (2 December 2016)


Anne-Lot Hoek’s Project

Anne-Lot Hoek is trying to understand why violence on Bali during the Indonesian independence struggle was so intense and how that is placed within the tradition of colonial violence and resistance on the island and within the context of the forming of the State of East Indonesia. 



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