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Fifth Avenue - Photo Project

Coronavirus Photo Project

Sharing the Experience

Joe Bauman, a NIAS Fellow in the year group of 2017/18, collects photos taken by NIAS Alumni from around the world to get a sense of the effects of social quarantine and lock-down.

“I have a request of the NIAS Fellow alumni community. Most of us have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. For many, the “shelter in place” orders have isolated us from our normal daily routines. But at the same time, the fact that we are all sharing this experience creates a new global community experience. I’d like to collect images of the effects of “shelter in place” where we live – cities, towns, campuses and industrial neighborhoods – and share them back to our global community.

My request is that you take a photo of a street scene near your home in the next 48 hours and send it here*, just noting the date and location. I will take care of the rest. Above is my contribution, from the heart of midtown New York City on a mid-week, mid-day afternoon….

Here’s hoping everyone is well and stays healthy.”


*By sending in your photograph, you also give Joe and NIAS permission to circulate it on social media.