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Laurens van Apeldoorn

Laurens van Apeldoorn

NIAS Theme Group

Project title

Civil Slavery in Early Modern Theories of the State

Project description

The research project investigates how conceptions of slavery and involuntary servitude, in particular arising from conquest in war, were taken up in seventeenth-century English political and legal thought to describe and justify political authority and the state.

Selected publications

Hobbes on Treason and Fundamental Law’, Intellectual History Review, online first 2021.

‘This man is my property’: Slavery and political absolutism in Locke and the classical social contract tradition’, European Journal of Political Theory, online first 2020 (with Johan Olsthoorn)

Property and Despotic Sovereignty’, in Robin Douglass & Johan Olsthoorn (eds.), Hobbes’s ‘On the Citizen’: A Critical Guide, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019, 108-12.