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NIAS 50 Years Reunion
10 Mar. - 24 Mar. 2021
09:30 - 13:00

Writing Workshop: Creating New Perspectives

Making use of creative and theatre writing techniques, this workshop helps advanced writers and researchers to look at their project afresh.

In three sessions, fellows will work towards a written text that brings the object of their research to live in unexpected ways. Tailor-made for an interdisciplinary groups of NIAS fellows and alumni, this workshop will challenge you to re-think your basic concepts and assumptions, and so deepen and broaden your research. This workshop is of interest to anyone who loves to write and who seeks to playfully toy with somewhat fixed disciplinary limits and conceptualizations. Fenneke Wekker (Head of Academic Affairs, playwright, writing teacher and sociologist) will facilitate these writing sessions.

Max. 6 participants Places are limited.