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Writing in Perspective
16 Dec. - 15 Jan. 2020
10:00 - 17:00
Conference Room
Current Fellows Free, Alumni 225 euro

Writing in Perspective


NIAS is happy to present its first three-day Workshop ‘Writing in Perspective’, especially designed and exclusively open for NIAS fellows and alumni. The purpose of the workshop is to provide techniques to reinvigorate your writing, to communicate your work to interdisciplinary audiences, and to give you the opportunity to re-envision/envision your work anew by taking a step back - or sideways. To do, in other words, one of the things you have come to NIAS for.

Current NIAS Fellow Kristine Krause has initiated the idea for this workshop, stemming from the desire to further advance a core business in doing research: writing.

Together with Amal Chatterjee – historian, novelist, playwright and creative writing tutor at the University of Oxford and other institutions – we have developed an intensive workshop for fellows and alumni who aim to explore the limits and strengths, and further broaden the scope of their writing.

At the end of the three-day workshop, each participant will have produced a newly written, short text that communicates their current research project in more conscious, and perhaps even entirely new ways, based on a collaborative writing process in which the limits and strengths of one’s own writing, as well as the different ways through which one’s work can be perceived, are explored.

  • The workshop provides space for a maximum of 12 participants.
  • Three days from 10 am to 17 pm, including lunch (17 and 18 December, and 15 January).


If you are interested to participate, please register before the 20th of November via email: Workshops@nias.knaw.nl , reference ‘Writing in Perspective’ (participation in order of registration).