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2 Apr. 2020 -
15:00 - 17:00
1012 CG Amsterdam
Conference Room

The Back of ‘Beyond the Pleasure Principle’ – Freud’s ‘Big X’

NIAS Seminar

Ulrike Kistner, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pretoria, will discuss her project on psychoanalytic theorisations of anxiety, shock, and trauma.

Beyond the Pleasure Principle

Kistner plans to investigate the psychoanalytic theorisations of anxiety, shock, and trauma, focusing on Freud’s essay ‘Beyond the Pleasure Principle’ (1919-1920). She will set about to fathom the ‘explanatory gap’ opening up as Freud instates the psychophysicalism articulated in the ‘Project of a Scientific Psychology’ ([1895] 1950) for the third formulation of his drive theory.

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