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Klachten en krachten in de praktijk
24 Apr. 2019 -
09:45 - 16:45
NIAS, Sint Jorishof
Korte Spinhuissteeg 3
Conference room
By invitation

Symptoms and strenghts in mental health care


Hanneke Wigman, current L’Oréal-UNESCO For women in science fellow at NIAS, convenes a workshop on "Symptoms and strenghts in mental health care".

Aim of workshop

For this workshop, I have invited individuals with a broad range of expertise in the field of mental health and illness. The plan is to discuss how we can work towards incorporating mental strengths as well as mental problems mental health care and, in particular, how we can do this so that it is useful at all levels of mental health care.. To this end, experts in the fields of psychiatry and low-level psychological care as well as mental illness and mental well-being are brought together.  The expected outcome is an outline of an opinion paper that will be written collaboratively, coordinated by the Fellow. A second outcome would be a list of mental strengths that could be assessed all levels of mental health care.

Note: This workshop will be held in the Dutch language only!


Tijd – Activiteit – Onderwerp – Discussant
9.45-10.00  –   Ontvangst
10.00-10.10 –  Opening Welkom Jan Willem Duyvendak, Directeur NIAS
10.10-10.40 –  Introductie Hanneke Wigman
10.40-11.25 –  Discussie ronde 1 – Waarom? – Jaap van Weeghel
11.25-11.35  –   Pauze
11.35-12.30 –   Discussie ronde 2 – Wat? – Nele Jacobs
12.30-13.30 –  Lunch op NIAS
13.30-14.45 –  Discussie ronde 3 – Wie? – Therese van Amelsvoort
14.45-15.00 –  Pauze
15.00-16.00 –  Discussie ronde 4 – Hoe? – Dorien Nieman
16.00-16.45  – Wrap up & actieplan Hanneke Wigman
16.45-17.00 –  Gezamenlijk naar restaurant de Waag lopen
From 17.00 –  Etentje bij de Waag