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The Function of the Past: Why History Matters in Present-day Societies
4 Oct. 2021 -
14:30 - 17:00

Social Event: Black Heritage Tour

Fellows Only

On Monday 4 October we'll participate in the Black Heritage Tour, a boat ride through the Amsterdam canals, exploring the city's history of colonialism, slavery and black presence. We gather at the NIAS Entrance at 14.30 to walk to the dock together. Event postponed from 21 September to 4 October.

Below are the final details and information from the organiser to help you prepare for your Black Heritage Tour. It’s a lot of information, but important, so please read the entire text carefully to ensure you have the best experience possible.


  • We urge everyone to arrive at least 10 minutes early (14.50) to ensure the tour departs on time. Note: Because it’s a public dock, the boats are not allowed to stand. Once the boat arrives everyone must board right away.
  • If you are late, we cannot guarantee we will be able to wait for you.


Tour information

  • Your guide will meet you on your tour date directly at the boat dock in front of the Stopera.
  • After a brief introduction, your tour will begin. You’ll be exploring the early Black presence & hidden colonial history of Amsterdam that will be made visible while sailing along the Amsterdam canals and past UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Please check the weather forecast on the day of your tour. The weather can change quickly, even on a closed boat, so we suggest you dress in layers, carry an umbrella and wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • There is a toilet on board the boat; however, we also suggest you use the bathroom before you arrive at the tour.
  • Let us know before the tour if you or anyone in your group has any physical challenges that would impede walking at a steady pace, or will need assistance boarding the boat and we will ensure accommodations.
  • On board, Jennifer’s co-authored books are available: Amsterdam Slavery Heritage Guide, Netherlands Slavery Heritage Guide and Dutch New York Histories. These bi-lingual guides (Dutch & English) are wonderful keepsakes that include full-color images and short descriptions of all the locations you’ll visit plus 100 more. The guide will have copies that you may purchase for the discount price of €10. Payments by PIN or exact change are preferred.
  • The tour will end back at the Stopera / Waterlooplein.
  • Duration: 1,5 hour.

Followed by drinks (first round of drinks paid for by NIAS).


Please sign up either by emailing Merel or adding your name in the Google spreadsheet.