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Bamboo Murmers
22 Sep. 2020 -
15:00 - 17:00

Seminar by Aleid Truijens

On Tuesday at 15.00hrs, writer-in-residence Aleid Truijens will be talking about her biography of Dutch writer Hella S. Haasse. She will first introduce Hella Haasse to you, by way of a picture gallery (see attachment). Then Aleid will elaborate on the questions and dilemma’s that come with the genre of the biography. How do you deal with family secrets and uncomfortable findings? How do you treat politically sensitive issues?

Please prepare by looking at the pictures, and reading these short English introductions to Hella Haasse’s work:

The life of Hella Haasse in pictures





Discussant will be Marika Keblusek.



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Meeting ID: 934 2953 3648

Passcode: 215785

14.45 Walk in

15.00 – 15.10 Intro

15.10 – 15.40 Seminar

15.40 – 15.50 Discussant Marika Keblusek

16.00 – 17.00 Discussion


Discussion Sub-Sessions

Group 1:

Laura Bisaillon; Karin Jongsma; Marika Keblusek; Theresa Kuhn; Sabah Mofidi; Martin Sand; Jim House; Laura Downing; Myungji Yang; Anar Ahmadov; Stephan Sanders

Group 2:

Juan Durán; Simon Willmetts; Elin Bjarnegård; Ingrid van Biezen; Andrea Schatz; Lindsay Braun; Lisa Becking; Dan Yacavone; Alessia Pannese; Giuseppe Primiero; Koen Leurs

Group 3:

Maxime Rovère; Jack Vromen; Sander Beckers; Onookome Okome; Hein de Haas; Nanke Verloo; Sandro Sessarego; Aleid Truijens; Iris van Rooij; Stephan Besser