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Books as Carriers of Cultural Procreation
27 Oct. 2021 -
15:00 - 16:00
NIAS Library
Book presentation

NIAS Book Cafe

A tradition brought back to life: NIAS Book Cafe in which fellows, alumni and special guests chat about hidden book treasures and writing.

What surprising books has the NIAS library to offer? In October 2021, the NIAS Book café will start. During the informal sessions, two fellows discuss a book / publication that has caught their attention during a moment at the NIAS library. What treasures have they stumbled upon and what makes it intriguing for them? Do they agree with the main argument of the author?


Each fellow gets 5 minutes to briefly explain their take on the book. Why did they choose this item and what does that say about them? Does it relate to their own research and how? Is there a specific piece that is noteworthy?


Based on the chosen book, the fellow chooses a theme for this month’s Book Café.


After the presentations we dive into a discussion with the group. What do they think of the topic / theme?