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NIAS 50 Years Reunion 1
15 Oct. 2021 -
16:00 - 18:00
NIAS Online

NIAS 50 Years Reunion

NIAS turns fifty in 2021 and that should be celebrated together. On 15 October 2021, current fellows, alumni and staff will (re)connect with each other, and with the institute.

50 Years

NIAS is more than an office, a desk, a stipend: it is a community of original and creative thinkers who push intellectual boundaries. Sometimes leading to friction, sometimes leading to life-lasting friendships, but always in an atmosphere of curious collegiality. It does so today, and it has done so for over half a century.

In September 2021, NIAS will have welcomed 50 year groups. An important moment, not only for the institute to reflect on its history and the role it envisions for the future, but also, or moreover, to honour the people and the networks that have made NIAS the unique place it is. During the 50 Years Reunion on 15 October 2021, NIAS and the NFA zoom in on the community connected to the institute, and celebrate its richness.


During this festive, informal and social event, people, memories, nostalgia and creativity takes centre stage.  The programme will follow at a later stage, but will include stories, trips down memory lane and ample time to reunite and chat online with your fellow fellows. There will be music, literature and personal reflections from alumni, organized around the theme of belonging (and not-belonging), which is a connecting thread during our anniversary year. But a large part of the programme will be reserved for the thing that makes NIAS NIAS: (re)connecting with others in riveting informal exchange.


This event will take place online, to enable participation from over the globe (and to make sure covid-19 will not be able to disrupt our plans to celebrate together). Registration is now open (see button in the upper left corner or here).