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21 Dec. 2017 -
11:15 - 12:15
St Jorishof, Korte Spinhuissteeg 3
Conference Room
Free entrance

Making Talent Work. A Study of Individualized Approaches to Talent Management

NIAS Seminar

Marianne van Woerkom analyses to what extent and by what mechanisms strengths-based or individualized approaches to talent encourage the inclusion and further development of diverse employees, including workers of various ages and ethnic backgrounds, and workers with disabilities.

About the Seminar

Previous studies have pointed out that when workers are able to use their strengths, i.e. the characteristics that allow them to perform at their personal best, this leads to many beneficial outcomes (e.g. higher levels of work engagement, well-being, and performance). However, so far research on strengths use has focused exclusively on the individual level, thereby neglecting the fact that few people work in isolation and that people are dependent on their co-workers for developing their strengths awareness and strengths use. In this seminar, I propose that strengths use in organizations needs to be studied as a multi-level phenomenon. Based on Transactive Memory System (TMS) theory I propose that Transactive Strengths Systems (TSS) can help to differentiate between low- and high-performing teams by suggesting that members of high-performing teams are aware of each other’s strengths, rely on each other’s strengths and coordinate tasks based on these strengths. Whereas a TMS influences team performance exclusively by cognitive mechanisms, the mechanisms by which a TSS leads to performance benefits are also motivational. I will discuss human resource practices that may foster the development of a TSS.

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