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Conference on Studies of Belonging 2
9 June 2021 -
19:30 - 21:00

Gloria Wekker - When A Country Does Not Love You Back

NIAS Conference 2021

Drawing on experiences when she felt she did or did not belong, Professor Gloria Wekker critically reflects on the theme of belonging and formulates some starting points and questions for into this upcoming field of study. Why is it important to study belonging from an interdisciplinary angle?

About the programme

In the lecture When a country does not love you back, Professor Gloria Wekker critically reflects on Belonging. Based on real-life moments, Wekker will describe and analyse situations where the affect called belonging has come to the fore. She will zoom in on moments where she felt she did belong and also when she distinctly felt she did not belong, drawing on experiences living in The Netherlands, Surinam and the United States of America.

Wekker will approach belonging from an interdisciplinary angle, with special attention for the decolonial and intersectional angles of this theme. Based on examples in her lecture, she will formulate some foundational starting points and questions to help delineate this upcoming field of study.

About the speakers

Gloria Wekker is Emeritus Professor of Gender and Ethnicity at Utrecht University and NIAS alumna. She is well known for her book White Innocence (2016).

Zará Kars (moderator) is Public Historian and Program Maker / Event Manager at NIAS. She curates and organises the monthly NIAS Talks at SPUI25.


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About the NIAS Conference

This lecture is the first out of three keynote lectures that coincide with the NIAS Conference on Studies of Belonging. In these lectures, presented by Prof. Gloria Wekker, Prof. Amin Ghaziani and Prof. Nadim Rouhana, we explore the different facets of belonging. For more information about the NIAS Conference, please go to www.niasconference.nl