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History and Migration
9 July - 10 July 2018
09:00 - 17:00
NIAS, Sint Jorishof
1012 CG Amsterdam
Conference room
By invitation

History and Migration


NIAS' director Jan Willem Duyvendak organises an international workshop on History and Migration.

Aim of Workshop

This meeting is to discuss papers for a special issue of the Journal for Ethnic and Migration Studies on “The (ab)uses of history in migration debates”. The group will discuss 7 papers during the 2 days meeting. Unfortunately, given that it is summer time, there is no event for fellows scheduled.

Catherine Perron (chapter on Germany); Malachi McIntosh & Claire Alexander (Chapter on Britain),  Markus Balkenbol and Yannick Coenders (chapter on the Netherlands), Christophe Bertossi (chapter on France), Tibor Dessewffy (chapter on Hungary), Jan Willem Duyvendak (chapter on the Netherlands).