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Werk is geen oplossing

Work is not a Solution

In this book (published in Dutch) Marguerite argues that work is not always a solution, but a problem. We try to anchor our livelihoods around the stability of work, but work is now extremely unreliable. It always asks more of us, constantly changes the conditions and prefers to be vague about the future. We have started working more and more and we receive less and less security in return. Everyone is tired, nobody has time. Why do tolerate that?

Work would emancipate us and make us independent. Likewise, conversations about feminism revolve around the same dull and exhausted idea that all women should enter the labour market. Not working is no longer an option for many women.

In Work is no Solution, Marguerite van den Berg shows that things can and must be done differently. She shares stories about uncertainty and about acts of resistance. How can we find new ways approaches? And how can we provide new certainties?

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