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Mystiek voor goddelozen by Henk van der Waal

Mystiek voor goddelozen

Within a year of his NIAS residency, Henk van der Waal’s book rolled off the press. In “Mystiek voor goddelozen”, Van der Waal holds a philosophical dialogue about almost everything. It is published by Querido (March 2017).

About the Book

‘Who are we really? What are we doing here? Where are we heading?’ Mysticism for the faithless opens with these big questions. And justly so, for as religions no longer offer support, science avoids questions of life and technologies penetrate deep into our biology, room for thought is created. Like never before, we are challenged to understand and design our lives, based on our own experience.

‘Mysticism for the faithless’ unfolds, as cautiously as it is passionate, the mystical grounds of the personal experience – and shows that subjectivity, love and freedom path the way towards earthly wisdom and cosmic nurturing.