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Guest of the Rector

Each year the Rector invites prominent senior scholars to spend three to four months at the Institute to accomplish a specific task.

It is considered that NIAS and its Fellows can greatly benefit from intellectual exchange with outstanding and established senior scholars of high repute.

Guests of the Rector

Carsten de Dreu Psychology 2015/16
Eveline Crone Neuropsychology 2014/15

C. Rice

Science Policy 2013/14
P. Sloot Computational Sciences 2013/14
L.W.M. Bod Computational Humanities 2012/13
G. Demszky Political Science 2012/13
E.J. van Wolde Biblical Studies 2012/13
I.M. Tsimpli Theoretical Linguistics 2011/12
F.P. Weerman Dutch Linguistics 2011/12
H.J. van den Herik e-Humanities 2010/11
T.A.F. Kuipers Theoretical Philosophy 2009/10
J.H. Nieuwenhuis Civil Law 2009/10
E.N. Suleiman Comparative Politics 2009/10
E.L. Jones Economic History 2008/09
G.J. Oostindie Caribbean Studies 2008/09
W.F. van Eekelen International Relations 2007/08
C. Fasseur Modern History 2007/08
E. Lamberts Modern History 2007/08
S.J. Al-Azm History of Philosophy 2006/07
R.H. Haveman Economics 2006/07
B.L. Wolfe Economics 2006/07
E.L. Jones Development Economics 2005/06
L.P. Louwe Kooijmans Prehistory 2005/06
R.E. Mohrmann Ethnology 2005/06
G.J. Oostindie Caribbean Studies 2005/06
M. Andenas Law 2004/05
A.K. Gavrilov Classics 2004/05
W.K.W. Reinhard Modern History 2004/05
H.M. Spufford Early Modern History 2004/05
P. Spufford Economic History 2004/05
S. Cnossen Economics 2003/04
P. O'Brien Economic History 2003/04
L.A. Siedentop Political Thought 2003/04
C.N. de Voogd Dutch Historiography 2003/04
B.F.H. Wittrock Political Science 2003/04
M. Gullestad Social Anthropology 2002/03
E.R.M. Taverne Architecture 2002/03
B.F. McGuinness Philosophy 2001/02
F. Stern Modern History 2001/02
B.A.G.M. Tromp Political Science 2001/02
I. Wallerstein Sociology 2001/02
J. Kocka Modern History 2000/01
T. Koopmans Comparative Law 2000/01
M. Rein Sociology 2000/01
P. Sztompka Sociological Theory 2000/01
J. Goudsblom Sociology 1999/2000
A. Lijphart Political Science 1999/2000
H.F.A. van der Wee Economic History 1999/2000
R. Koselleck History 1998/99
W.J. Mommsen History 1998/99
O. Prakash Economic History 1998/99
D.H. Green Germanic Studies 1997/98
N. Steensgaard History 1997/98
F. Stern History 1997/98

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