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Event type: Workshop

Re-Imagining Security Labour

This international workshop on Re-imagining Security Labour will explore the significance and global expansion of the security industry. Through interdisciplinary, hybrid, academic, and creative conversations, we will focus on security tasks, infrastructures, and narratives, with special attention to security laborers.

Language and Conceptualisation in Healthcare Provision

The provision of health care is one of the global concerns of the 21st century. Language-related challenges, ranging from problems of language impairment to linguistic and cultural barriers, are ...

Early Health Disparities and Later-Life Outcomes

This two day workshop is organised by Bertie Lumey, NIAS-NIDI fellow and takes places at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study. Attendance is at invitation only. Want to know more? Join us on 25 January at the public talk in SPUI25 'The Holomodor and Health Heritage'.

The New Interdisciplinarity

Over the past few years, interdisciplinarity has quickly become the model for future academic research. But what does this future look like? And is there just one or are there multiple interdisciplinary futures imaginable?

Colonialism on the Public Stage

This workshop welcomes contributions from scholars working in history, legal studies, memory studies, anthropology, sociology, political science or other relevant fields. We hope that by bringing various disciplines into conversation with each other we can better understand the wide-ranging effects of official initiatives to come to terms with the colonial past. We will seek to write a set of recommendations and conclusions about official memory.

Home, Homeland, and Belonging

The Fares Center at the Fletcher School is hosting a workshop at NIAS July 14th-15th in partnership with UCLA, NIAS, and Queen Mary University of London. This workshop is an important milestone in a year-long research project exploring the interrelated categories of home and homeland, belonging, and equal citizenship in societies riven by various forms of conflict.

Exploring the Violent End of European Empires

The violence attending the end of European empires after 1945 continues to fascinate historians, cultural anthropologists, and political scientists, principally those working from comparative politics and international relations perspectives. With so many working across disciplines it is little wonder that there have been big changes of analytical direction, specialist language, and conceptual approach to the subject of violent decolonization, its actors and agents, the responses and rights of those targeted. What are the ideas and approaches to studying forms and legacies of decolonization violence today?

Substance use and mental health: Causal questions and interdisciplinary research

This workshop is being organised by dr. Jorien Treur as part of her research to tackle the burden of substance use among those with a mental health disorder. Dr. Treur is supported in carrying out this work by the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowship.

The Normal and the Weird. Politics and Cultures of (Ab)normality in Contemporary Europe

In this NIAS workshop, organized by the Theme Group The Politics of (De)familiarization, cultural scholars, political and social scientists, philosophers and cultural practitioners investigate the shifting ground of normalcy, normativity, abnormality, weirdness, and deviance in Europe’s current cultural and political landscapes.

Authoritarian Soft Power

NIAS is hosting a workshop on Authoritarian Soft Power organised by current fellow Julia Bader, who is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam.

Understanding conspiracy theories, and what to do about them

Current fellow Peter Knight, Professor of American Studies at University of Manchester, is convening a workshop on Conspiracy Theories

Gastro-politics of multi-cultural eating: Spices

This workshop took place on April 20th 2022 as part of the NIAS Symposium 2022 'Contested Objects'.

Contested Classics: Between the Netherlands and Indonesia – Colonialism or Imperialism?

This workshop took place on April 20th 2022 as part of the NIAS Symposium 2022 'Contested Objects'.

Weirding Europe: Contesting the Realist Paradigm in Contemporary Video and Film on Migration

This workshop took place on April 20th 2022 as part of the NIAS Symposium 2022 'Contested Objects'.

How to engage with contested objects through embodied learning

This workshop took place on April 20th 2022 as part of the NIAS Symposium 2022 'Contested Objects'.

Political Masculinities as an Analytical Category

This workshop represents a novel attempt to bring together approaches to and understandings of "men in politics" and "political masculinities". Through substantial synergies from the dialogue between these two approaches, we can anchor the concept of "masculinity" as an analytical category and tool within the field of political analysis.

Workshop Science Communication

During this workshop, Science Communicator Tanu Patodia will help you to discover how to communicate your research to a non-specialist audience. At the end of the workshop you will leave with a l...

Writing Workshop: Creating New Perspectives

Making use of creative and theatre writing techniques, this workshop helps advanced writers and researchers to look at their project afresh.