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Event type: Symposium

NIAS-symposium Connecting Urban Inequality to the Built Environment (registration closes June 3rd)

Understanding local patterns of connectivity that sustain neighborhood organizations and entrepreneurs has been a longstanding topic of multidisciplinary research. This three-day interdisciplinar...

Long-Term Processes in Human History – Central Questions and Contemporary perspectives

There is a lively need to reevaluate and rethink long-term processes in human history. A NIAS-symposium will discuss central questions in this field.

Immigrants Welcome?

How are immigrants welcomed? In this symposium we investigate how to understand differences in welcoming cultures regarding various groups of immigrants in European countries and in the United States.

Plessner in/en Nederland

Carola Dietze (Jena), Jos de Mul (EUR), Marcus Düwell (Bamberg) en Jan Vorstenbosch (UU) organiseren een conferentie over het leven en gedachtegoed van socioloog Helmuth Plessner.

Contested Objects: The Racial and Colonial Dimensions of Material Culture

What are contested objects, why are they contested and when did they become so? This year’s NIAS Symposium explores the racial and colonial dimensions of our shared material culture.