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Event type: Lecture

NFA Day 2024

At the annual alumni event on Friday 7 June, Alec Badenoch will discuss mass digitization and the way we might make sense of the abundance of digitized sources, from text to images to audiovisual files and more.

NFA Day 2023

NIAS and the NFA board invite all NFA-members to participate in the general meeting and attend the annual Uhlenbeck Lecture, named after NIAS' founder.

Culturele consumptie en nieuwe stedelijkheid: Effecten van commerciële gentrificering

In de vijfde Van Doornlezing laat stadssocioloog Jan Rath zijn licht schijnen over commerciële gentrificering en de opkomst en het vertoon van nieuwe stedelijkheid. (This programme will be in Dutch)

NFA Day 2022

The NIAS Alumni organisation warmly invites all former and current fellows to join the annual NIAS Fellows Association Day on 10 June.

The Incredible Shrinking Man

The Incredible Shrinking Man is een artistiek en prijswinnend onderzoek van ontwerper-kunstenaar Arne Hendriks naar de mogelijkheden om een mens te creëren van vijftig centimeter, een mens die beter op aarde past. In deze theatrale lezing horen we over Hendriks’ speculatieve ontwerponderzoek naar de mogelijkheden en gevolgen van een mens van een halve meter lang.

Plessner en de kracht van de liberale democratie

Aan de hand van hedendaagse voorbeelden buigt Kees Schuyt zich vanavond over Plessners filosofische antropologie en hoe deze zich verhoudt tot het functioneren van de liberale democratie.

Disappointing Poverty Trends

Why have rich welfare democracies in the past decades not been successful in reducing poverty despite higher incomes and employment rates? Professor Bea Cantillon, chairholder of the Jacques van Doorn Chair | NIAS Fellowship will find an answer to this pressing question in a public lecture at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Nadim Rouhana – Homeland and the Right to Belong: Lessons from the Jewish Homeland in Palestine

What are the promises and pitfalls of the notion of homeland, particularly in relation to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Gloria Wekker – When A Country Does Not Love You Back

Drawing on experiences when she felt she did or did not belong, Professor Gloria Wekker critically reflects on the theme of belonging and formulates some starting points and questions for into this upcoming field of study. Why is it important to study belonging from an interdisciplinary angle?

Amin Ghaziani – The Emplacement of Belonging

What can research on LGBTQ+ populations contribute to the studies of belonging? Focusing on the role of ‘place’ Professor Amin Ghaziani investigates belonging in LGBTQ+ communities.

NetIAS Lecture Series

The European Network of Institute for Advanced Studies (NetIAS) is kickstarting a new lecture series on the theme of ‘Borders’. The Network is made up of 25 Institute for Advanced Studies fro...

An Imagined Past? The Politics of History Making

This year’s Annual NIAS Lecture talks about violent and imagined pasts, and how can we make amends with it.