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NIAS Symposium 2022 – Communications Kit

NIAS Symposium 2022 - Communications Kit

Contested Objects: The Racial and Colonial Dimensions of Material Culture

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Information about Contested Objects & the Symposium

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  • The #NIASSymposium2022 begins with a joint keynote speech by current NIAS Fellows Britta Schilling and Rahul Rao @thariel. During the event we will collectively explore what insights we can gain by shedding light on the racial and colonial dimensions of material culture.  


  • #NIASSymposium2022 keynote speaker Britta Schilling (@CulturalHistUU) researches the memory of #colonialism and empire in Europe. Her work focuses on German colonialism as well as comparative perspectives on coming to terms with the imperial past. 


  • At NIAS @thariel is investigating the ‘Psychic Lives of Statues’ tackling questions such as: Why have statues become terrains for the assertion and contestation of racial and caste supremacy? Hear him speak about Contested Objects at the #NIASSymposium2022, 20 April, Amsterdam


  • Sniff smells with @IngerLeemans at the #NIASSymposium2022 12-17h, 20 April, Amsterdam #NIASContestedObjects with @NLLab_Tweets  


  • Taste flavours with @MMAHendriksen at the #NIASSymposium2022 12-17h, 20 April, Amsterdam #NIASContestedObjects with @NLLab_Tweets 


  • Feel your way through Colonial Dutch Amsterdam together with @NLLab_Tweets   @NIAS_KNAW and Far Too Close Podcast. #NIASSymposium2022 12-17h, 20 April, Amsterdam #NIASContestedObjects


  • Step into the former Nederlandsche Bank HQ and explore Contested Classics on a journey to Indonesia and back with @mikofLohr and @Lidegelder. #NIASSymposium2022 12-17h, 20 April, Amsterdam #NIASContestedObjects


  • Explore the topic of ‘Contested Classics’ as you travel with us between the Netherlands and Indonesia to look at #Colonialist and #Imperialist heritage here and there. #NIASSymposium2022 12-17h, 20 April, Amsterdam #NIASContestedObjects 


  • Weirding Europe 👀. Are the narratives portrayed in Contemporary Video and Film leading to a portrayal of migrants and migration which is real, surreal, hyperreal, or something entirely different? #NIASSymposium2022, Amsterdam, 12-17h, 20 April #NIASContestedObjects 


  • I think therefore I am. I see therefore I?? How does Visual Culture portraying migrants and migration affect Europe? Take a look with us during the #NIASSymposium2022, Amsterdam, 12-17h, 20 April #NIASContestedObjects #WeirdingEurope 


  • What are the ‘Gastro-politics of multi-cultural eating‘? Let us hijack your taste buds during the #NIASSymposium2022, Amsterdam, 12-17h, 20 April #NIASContestedObjects 


  • “Cooking is a means by which nature becomes culture, and to feed is to be inserted into a relationship with another.“ (Roy, 2010) Feed your curiosity during the #NIASSymposium2022, Amsterdam, 12-17h, 20 April #NIASContestedObjects 


  • “Cooking is not a simple matter … It is a great political tool even at the smallest level” (Jalabi, in Puig Cortada, 2015) Feed your curiosity during the #NIASSymposium2022, Amsterdam, 12-17h, 20 April #NIASContestedObjects 


  • Listen to the spoken word performance of NIAS Writer-in-Residence,  contemporary Brazilian poet, visual artist and critic, Ricardo Domeneck during #NIASSymposium2022, Amsterdam, 12-17h, 20 April #NIASContestedObjects 

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*A limited number of places are available for students and participants with limited means. If you wish to apply for one of these places please contact us at the email address above.

**This is an English language event – De voertaal voor dit evenement is Engels