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Open Office Hours about Applying for a NIAS Fellowship

Do you have limited experience in international academia or limited institutional support, and feel you could use some additional guidance in navigating our application procedure? For those considering to apply for a for an Individual NIAS Fellowship in the open call, we organise two open office hours.

Apply for FondsBJP & NIAS Journalist in Residence programme

NIAS and the Fonds Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten welcome applications for their Journalist in Residence programme, which allows journalists to work at the institute for a period of 5 months and focus on their journalistic project.

Dutch culture is everywhere

Are you a researcher whose work focuses on a facet of Dutch language or culture – then don’t hesitate and apply for the ten-months Meertens-NIAS Fellowship that aims to promote scholarly ...

Conscience of science in wartime

It has been historically proven that a Safe Haven for scholars at risk is of great importance to the world at large. In February 1933, during a visit to the United States, Einstein knew he could ...

Bridging the digitally divided city

The Urban Citizen Fellowship offers researchers the opportunity to carry out research projects on bridging the digital divide within cities. What are design requirements for digital architectures for governments to ensure that all residents on both sides of the digital divide can access and contribute to local governance?

Job opening: student assistant Peer Reviewing

The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS), based in the heart of Amsterdam, is looking for a student assistant (x/f/m) for 0.4 fte per week to support the process of peer reviewing rese...

Matthew C. Wilson is Artist in Residence 2024

Artist and filmmaker Matthew C. Wilson will stay as Artist in Residence at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies (NIAS) in Amsterdam. During his residency, Wilson will explore the interplay between artificial intelligence (AI), synthetic biology and film. What are the implications for scientific innovation, the relationship between technology and nature, and the emergence of a new form of co-evolution? This fellowship is made available by the Akademie van Kunsten in collaboration with NIAS. Wilson's residency will take place from Feb. 1 to July 1, 2024.

Keynote speakers and first sessions announced for NIAS Conference

We are delighted to announce the keynote speakers for our conference on Belonging & Mobility and invite you to find the preliminary sessions online. The NIAS Conference 2023 will take place from 18 to 20 October 2023 in Amsterdam. It looks to unpack Belonging as understood from a static default, and instead to inquire into and re-conceptualize belonging as not singular and place-bound but rather as a process, a doing.

Eveline Crone selected as Distinguished NIAS-Lorentz Fellow 2023/24

Developmental neuroscientist Eveline Crone, based at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Leiden University, has been awarded the Distinguished NIAS-Lorentz Fellowship 2023/24 for her research on the emerging of curiosity. During her fellowship, starting September 2023, she will unravel how changes in curiosity emerge, and which factors facilitate opportunities for curiosity in biological, individuals, social and societal domains.

Wijnand IJsselsteijn selected as Distinguished NIAS-Lorentz Fellow 2024/25

Neuropsychologist and AI expert Wijnand IJsselsteijn, based at Eindhoven University of Technology, has been awarded the Distinguished NIAS-Lorentz Fellowship 2024/25 for his research on progressively lifelike virtual embodiments in the metaverse. During his fellowship, from September 2024 onwards, he will unpack and analyze the psychological effects and ethical values at stake in relation to the introduction of virtual and augmented reality – together referred to as eXtended Reality, or XR – at a large scale and with unprecedented quality.

New Institute Manager for NIAS

NIAS is pleased to announce the appointment of Marlous Willemsen as its new institute manager.

New Fellowship for International Research in Dutch Linguistics and Ethnology

The Meertens Institute and NIAS have initiated the Meertens-NIAS Fellowship. Building on the international orientation and expertise of both partners, this fellowship will contribute to an attractive intellectual environment for scholars around the world interested in the study of language and culture in the Netherlands and the Dutch language and culture in the world.

Writer-in-Residence Call Open

The Dutch Foundation for Literature and NIAS invite publishers and others to nominate a writer for the writer-in-residence fellowship at NIAS in Amsterdam for the academic year 2023/24.

Open Call for Duisenberg Fellowship

NIAS and the Duisenberg Foundation invite economists to apply for a fellowship in 2024/25. This fellowship allows one to fully focus on a research project while being a member of the interdisciplinary community of an institute for advanced study. Set up in honour of Wim Duisenberg, this fellowship fosters research in the fields that he championed: applied monetary economics, macroeconomics, macroeconomic policy, public finance and public finance policy.

Call Now Open: For Women in Science Fellowships

The eleventh Call for Applications of the Dutch L’Oréal-Unesco For Women in Science fellowships is open from 16 January 2023 until 1 March 2023. Along with researchers from the Life Sciences, from 2023 onward women working in the STEM disciplines can also apply.

Apply Now as Journalist-in-Residence

NIAS and the Fonds Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten welcome applications for the journalist-in-residence programme, which allows journalists to work at the institute for a 5-month period in 2023/24.

Open Call for NIAS Individual Fellowships 24/25

The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS-KNAW) has opened its annual call for individual fellowship applications. This is an opportunity for scholars who wish to spend 5 or 10 months in the academic year 2024/25 to carry out curiosity-driven research as a member of the interdisciplinary NIAS community in Amsterdam. Deadline is 15 March 2023.

The Best of 2022 according to NIAS Fellows

December is a period of reflection and recollection. It is also, traditionally, the month of best-of-lists. Here, we share some of the mind-enrichening things that this year's fellows came across in 2022.

Vacancy: PR & Communication Manager (Freelance)

The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study is looking for a freelancer in PR & Communication to support the NIAS Conference Team for five months (Jan – May 2023) in organising the NIAS Conference Belonging & Mobility.

Journalist-in-Residence Fellowship for Niels Mathijssen

Niels Mathijssen has been selected as the next Journalist-in-Residence at NIAS. From February to June 2023, he will focus on researching and writing a biography of Poncke Princen, the Dutch soldier who joined the Indonesian side in their war of independence.