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News type: Alumni

Jeff Handmaker & Sanele Sibanda, Summer Stay at NIAS

How can you talk about the legal and political dimensions of something, though not everyone will be able to distinguish between the two, let alone be willing to speak the other’s language?

Henry Spiller, NIAS Fellows Association Summer Stay

During Prof. Spiller's previous visit to NIAS he worked on the question "What is music-making’s role in responding to modern problems of identity and sustainability?"

Ipek Azime Celik Rappas, NIAS Fellows Association Summer Stay

During her period as NIAS Fellow, Celik worked intensely on her ERC consolidator grant application, WALLS2BRIDGES.

Fleur van der Bij, NIAS Fellows Association Summer Stay

In her book Fleur asks: ‘What does it mean to be an activist and express your opinion using strictly creative means? And how does creative activism contribute to social change in different European countries and contexts?’

Elin Bjarnegård, NIAS Fellows Association Summer Stay

During her fellowship Prof. Bjarnegård invested a lot of time and energy elaborating on and fine-tuning the framework for her forthcoming book on “autocratic genderwashing”.

Nadim N. Rouhana, NIAS Fellows Association Summer Stay

Prof. Rouhana kicked off his stay at NIAS by holding an international workshop on “Home, Homeland, and Belonging” which took place from July 14th-15th.

Richard Watson Unger, NIAS Fellows Association Summer Stay

Richard Unger joins this summer almost two decades after his first visit to NIAS in Wassenaar to work on a new book.

Roxane Batoul Farmanfarmaian, NIAS Fellows Association Summer Stay

During her summer stay Dr. Farmanfarmaian is making progress on ‘Soft Violence: Patterns of State Rhetorical Warfare’ (working title), it deals with states' use of offensive rhetorical mechanisms to achieve a range of outcomes from soft power to soft war.

Aidan McGarry, NIAS Fellows Association Summer Stay

At NIAS, Prof. McGarry will work to wrap up the final details of the publication of his forthcoming work 'Political Voice'.

Phil Kasinitz Receives Distinguished Career Award

Philip Kasinitz, Fellow in the Spring of 2020, has received the 2022 “Distinguished Career Award” from the International Migration Section of the American Sociological Association.

Selin Dilli and Mehrdad Alipour Receive Veni Grant

NIAS Fellows Selin Dilli and Mehrdad Alipour are the recipients of a Veni Grant, one of the major individual grants of the Dutch Research Council. The grant of max 280.000 euro is awarded to excellent researchers who have recently obtained their doctorate to further elaborate their own ideas during a period of three years.

Sebnem Yardimci Receives Young Scientists Award

Dr. Sebnem Yardimci Geyikci, NIAS Fellow 2019/20, received the Young Scientists Award in Political Science given by the Science Academy in Turkey.

Two Grants for Anouk de Koning

This month, alumna Anouk de Koning (Urban Citizen Fellow 2020) is awarded two large research grants. First, a VICI grant by the Dutch Research Council, enabling De Koning to set up her own research group on the futures of European welfare states. Second, a 5 million euros NWA grant by the Dutch Research Agenda to study social interventions in eight Dutch cities.

Alumni Jonathan Israel and Beatrice de Graaf hold Spaarnelezing on Enlightenment

During the biannual Spaarne Lecture on 17 November 2021 in the Grote of St. Bavokerk Haarlem, Jonathan Israel and Beatrice de Graaf, both NIAS alumni, discussed the theme of Enlightenment.

Looking Back on an Alumni Stay

Former fellows Susanne M. Klausen and Sebnem Yardimci-Geyikci returned to NIAS in the Summer of 2021 as part of the Alumni Stay Programme, to pick up their research and their friendship.

Former Rector Paul Emmelkamp Interviewed

Professor of Psychology Paul Emmelkamp tells about his personal background and career in an interview carried out as part of the Oral History Project by the Archive for Dutch Behavioral History.

Sushil Chaudhury Passed Away

Prof. Sushil Chaudhury, University of Calcutta, a NIAS Fellow in 1990/91, passed away after a brief illness in January 2019. He was with his family in Kolkata, India. Throughout the last three de...

Career Update Theo D’haen

Theo D'haen, Fellow in 1999, is now Emeritus Professor of English & Comparative Literature, Leuven University and Emeritus Professor of English & American Literature, Leiden University.

Karla Pollmann Awarded Humboldt Research Prize

Professor Dr. Karla Pollmann, Individual Fellow 2003/4, Theme Group Leader 2008/9, currently Executive Dean of Arts and Professor of Classics and Theology at the University of Bristol, UK, was in...

Career Update Hans-Peter Blossfeld

Hans-Peter Blossfeld retired in 2020 and was appointed Emeritus of Excellence of the Graduate Centre Trimberg Research Academy (TRAc) at the University Bamberg.