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Urban Citizen Fellowship

NIAS Office Temporarily Closed

Responding to the Government's efforts to contain the Covid_19 virus, NIAS will be closed until 6 April 2020.

Supporting the Dutch Government’s efforts to contain the Covid_19 pandemic, NIAS has closed its doors until 6 April 2020. To keep the work of the institute running, all staff members are working from home. They can be reached by email and virtual meetings are highly encouraged.

NIAS Fellows from the Netherlands are continuing work on their research projects from home. All international fellows currently in Amsterdam are following the rules of quarantine at the Fellows House and are in regular contact with the staff.

We realise that it is not business as usual when we’ve cancelled  NIAS public talks for the foreseeable future as the live experience cannot be replicated. But the date for the Annual NIAS lecture 2020 stands on April 29. We are changing the form of the annual lecture so that we can digitally engage with the community around us.  Details will be posted on our website soon.