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Fellow Helmer Helmers Selected as Member of Royal Young Academy

Helmer Helmers, Assistant Professor of Early Modern Dutch Literature and Culture from the University of Amsterdam and currently at NIAS, is selected as one of ten new members of the Young Academy, a group of young scientists and scholars who are in the international vanguard in their fields.

The Young Academy, part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), develops activities focussing on interdisciplinarity, science policy, the interface between science and society, and internationalisation. There are currently fifty members.

About Helmer Helmers

Helmer Helmers (1977) studies the history of media and politics. He has written about English-Dutch literary relations in the seventeenth century. Also, he established various national and international partnerships. His current research focusses on the relation between media and diplomacy (public diplomacy) in Europe in the seventeenth century. In addition, he was in charge of a research project that focussed on the recently discovered shipwreck near Texel, which received a lot of media attention. Within The Young Academy, Helmers wants to invest in the position of the Humanities and wants to advocate for a more transparent policy when it comes to assigning research grants, with special attention for the debate about excellence and the Matthew effect, which refers to the fact that people who have already won a grant in the past have a greater chance of receiving another grant in the future.