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  • Scholars working at a Dutch university or from abroad
  • For art historians
  • 5 months
  • Office, research facilities
  • Subsidized accommodation (if necessary)
  • Stipend or replacement subsidy

RKD Fellowship for Art History

The RKD Fellowship is a collaboration with the RKD Netherlands Institute for Art History and is aimed at stimulating art historical research through access to the RKD’s collections and archives.

About the RKD Fellowship

The RKD Fellowship is not offered for the academic year 2018/19.

One RKD residential Fellowship is available for scholars working at a Dutch university or from abroad working on a research project that will clearly benefit from data and materials stored at the RKD, which include data bases of visual, technical and press documentation and the library and archival collections.

Practical Information

  • NIAS and RKD offer one fellowship per year for five months
  • Scholars from abroad receive a studio apartment or subsidised accommodation, a personal study, research facilities (computer, library services etc.) one international return ticket to NIAS and a junior or senior stipend depending on financial circumstances and academic seniority (maximum €3800)
  • Scholars from the Netherlands receive studio accommodation or a fixed commuting allowance (see also Facilities for Fellows), a personal study, research facilities (computer, library services etc.) and may be eligible to claim teaching and management replacement funds depending on financial circumstances and seniority (maximum €3800)

Application and Selection

  • The RKD Fellowship is by application only
  • Applicants should fill in the standard NIAS fellowship application form and state their special interest in an RKD Fellowship
  • Applications are sent to external reviewers for evaluation. If considered suitable on the basis of merit and a clear link to the RKD collections, applications will be presented to the representatives from the RKD for final selection
  • For questions regarding RKD Fellowships please contact NIAS Angelie Sens: +31 (0)20 224 67 03

About the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History

The RKD Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD Nederlands Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis) in The Hague is an art-historical information centre, administering a unique collection of documentary, library and archive material on Western art from the late Middle Ages to the present. Documentation about Dutch art forms the nucleus of the collections. The RKD has an active collecting policy covering painting, drawing and sculpture as well as monumental art, media art, and design.

NIAS-RKD partnership

This fellowship came about after talks between NIAS and the RKD in 2015. The first fellow will arrive at NIAS in the academic year 2015/16.

Past & present Fellows

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