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Zhmud, L.

Zhmud, L.

Leonid Zhmud, born in Lvov, Ukraine, in 1956. Ph.D. from St. Petersburg University. Research Fellow at the Institute for the History of Science and Technology, St. Petersburg.

Fellow (1 September 2006 – 30 June 2007)


I completely rewrote six chapters plus the introduction (circa 200 pages). Apart from the book, which was the main part of my project, I also completed some minor works also related to Pythagoreanism including an article ‘Pythagorean Communities: From Individuals to a Collective Portrait’; two chapters for the new international history of Greek philosophy (in German), ‘Pythagoras’ and ‘Pythagoreische Schule’ and an original article entitled, ‘Mathematics vs Philosophy. An alleged fragment of Aristotle in Iamblichus’. I profited from communications with two great specialists in ancient Greek and Oriental religion, J. Newman and P. van der Horst, as well discussions with three historians, H. van Nierop, J. Pollmann and G. Hirschfeld.