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Schoots, H.

Williams, K.D.

Kip Williams, born in Columbus, Ohio, USA, in 1953. Ph.D. from Ohio State University, Columbus. Professor of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University, West Lafayette.

Lorentz Fellow (1 February 2012 – 30 June 2012)


While at NIAS, I prepared and submitted two grant proposals related to my interest in otracism — to the National Science Foundation and to the Social Science Research Council. The main thrust of my NSF grant application is to extend my examination to how groups react (within their group and toward other groups) to ostracism. I revised or wrote nine articles that were accepted for publication, and wrote another six articles or chapters that are currently under review. I was invited and gave talks at three universities (University of Amsterdam, University of Leiden, University of Mannheim). I coordinated and presented at two workshops on ostracism (Lorentz Center Workshop on “Ostracism, Exclusion, & Rejection,” and University of Mannheim Psychology Workshop on “Ostracism”). I developed five research collaborations that are ongoing (three of which are with NIAS Fellows). I was also interviewed by Dutch science journalists and featured in two online science magazines.

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