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Wijfjes, Huub

Wijfjes, Huub


Huub Wijfjes, born in Delft, the Netherlands, in 1956. Ph.D. from VU University Amsterdam. Professor in Media History at Groningen University and University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

KB Fellow (1 September 2015 – 31 January 2016)

Pillarisation and Depillarisation of Dutch Society tested in Digitized Media Historical Sources

Project Description

An interdisciplinary digital humanities study will be performed combining classical historical and political communication research with methods coming form computer sciences (data mining). Goal is to analyze the long term relation between politics and media. The research focuses on analyzing big data sets based on historical media sources (newspapers, magazines; mainly based on collections of Royal Library in The Hague) and related material connected to political culture (political journals, proceedings of parliament). It tries to contribute to a long running historical debate about pillarization in Dutch History. Arguably, there have been close connections of political and media organizations on a personal, organizational and content-driven level. This project analyzes and presents the relation between politics and media in a broad period; during and after pillarization in the Netherlands (1910-2000). Central is the supposed transition from politisation of media to mediatisation of politics.

Selected Publications

Wijfjes, H. Journalistiek in Nederland 1850-2000. Beroep, organisatie en cultuur [Journalism in the Netherlands 1850-2000. Profession, organisation and culture; Amsterdam 2004].

Wijfjes, H., G. Voerman (eds) Mediatization of Politics in History (Peeters Leuven 2009).

Wijfjes, H., with. J. Bardoel (eds)  Journalistieke Cultuur in Nederland (Journalism Culture in the Netherlands; Amsterdam University Press 2015).

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