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Wiener, Antje

Antje Wiener


Antje Wiener. Ph.D. from Carleton University, Canada. Chair of Political Science especially Global Governance at the University of Hamburg.

EURIAS Fellow (1 September 2014 – 30 June 2015)

Global Constitutionalism, Unbound From the State

Research Question

The project asks a question about the emerging field of global constitutionalism and its potential to identify constitutional quality in contexts that are not bound by the public authority of national states. It advances a practice approach to unbound constitutionalism that takes the cultural underpinnings of constitutional quality into account.

Project Description

Given that constitutional arrangements are commonly in place to keeping the balance between politics and law in national states at bay, the constitutionalisation in contexts that are not bound by the public authority of states is quite advanced. To establish the effect of such unbound constitutionalisation the interdisciplinary field of global constitutionalism addresses the constitutional quality of international entities, especially international organisations such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organisation and the European Union. The project raises a question about the conceptual tools available to global constitutionalism as an emerging framework for lawyers and political scientists.

Selected Publications

1) Wiener, Antje 2014, A Theory of Contestation. Berlin: Springer (in press)

2) Wiener, Antje 2008, The Invisible Constitution of Politics: Contested Norms and International Encounters, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

3) Wiener, A, A F Lang JR, J Tully, M Kumm and M Maduro 2012, Why a New Journal on Global Constitutionalism? Global Constitutionalism, 1, 1–15

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